The original brief called for a 30 unit container park to form a basic skills development centre with a small retail component. However, when the site and context was analysed, its potential as a mixed used community precinct became evident.

Macassar has had no significant development for several decades. The demand for services, the need for skills training, and the requirement of good quality public spaces were the key drivers for this project. The design proposes an integrated, community-driven and focused project, which includes a retail component with a major anchor, banks, food outlets etc, as well as smaller kiosks, shops and medical facilities. A community hall with a large square and stage for events is also proposed, as part of a network of public spaces.

The scheme also has a skills development centre and light industrial workshops. The project is designed with an emphasis on public spaces linking its various elements together. This not only creates a sorely-needed pedestrian domain, but also increases surveillance, safety, and a sense of community ownership of the scheme.

Macassar Development Node