The IRT public transport system is set to revolutionize the perception, use and functioning of public transport in the Western Cape. These bus shelter typologies re-interpret the established criteria for bus shelter design and seek to enhance the streetscape in which they will be situated.

Three prototypes were developed: a “full shelter”, a “cantilever shelter” (for use on narrow sidewalks), and an “extended shelter”, for locations with high passenger volumes. The advertising panel is integrated into the design concept as part of a kit of parts. The totem design reflects that of the bigger trunk stations, to ensure that commuters can identify the feeder shelters as a part of the overall IRT system.

The design is modular, and can be expanded to suit user volumes. Lighting, variable messaging, a panic button and CCTV surveillance will ensure comfort and safety for users, and assist in making public transport a more desirable means of transport.

IRT Feeder Shelters