The Civic Centre, was originally conceptualised as two components, (the Podium Block and the Tower Block) separated by a “gasket” space which houses a link between the two autonomous buildings. This interstitial space was identified as the area to house a new staff food court.

It was critical to separate any new building from the existing buildings, as this would give the new building a degree of autonomy without compromising that of the existing buildings. A separation was therefore created between the new building and the existing façades. The residual spaces are proposed to be sheltered outdoor courtyard spaces.

The proposed structure relates to the existing structural cores, frames views towards the mountain and limits direct light ingress at the North facade.

The roof has been designed as a habitable platform, as both the adjacent buildings have views down onto it. This affords an opportunity to provide high quality outdoor, green space for employees. The roof deck will consist of a shaded hard surface as well as a planted garden space, giving employees a variety of outdoor spaces. Deep roof overhangs limit the ingress of North light. Skylights assist with the filtering of natural daylight and assist with the extraction of air. In addition to providing positive outdoor space, the planted roof also insulates the food court during temperature extremes.

The building is conceptualised as a bold, simple insertion in the existing gasket space between two buildings.
It is proposed that the building be a light-weight steel structure, clad in a backlit white polycarbonate material which will glow at night. This will allow the building to announce its presence while respecting the architecture of the existing adjacent buildings. It also sets the framework for how other outdoor spaces at the Civic Centre may be upgraded in the future, in order to provide good quality, human-scaled, habitable and sheltered outdoor space, for which there is a great demand, owing to the lack of such spaces in the immediate surroundings.

Civic Centre Foodcourt