The project brief requests a new administrative office facility for the Western Cape Department of Public Works with a 5 greenstar rating. The building comprises of open plan office space for approximately 320 staff members on the upper levels and shared facilities like boardrooms, lecture spaces, library, conference facility and a 100 seat auditorium grouped around an atrium and a courtyard on ground floor.
The structure is to consist predominantly of red clay brick referencing the existing buildings of the hospital complex. The facebrick skin is peeled away in places to allow natural light to penetrate deep into the open plan office spaces.
In addition to standard passive design principles like orientation, water harvesting, external shading and natural daylighting, the following unique strategies are to be employed in order to achieve the desired 5 greenstar rating:
An organic black water recycling system
A combination natural / mechanical air conditioning system which employs a rock store and a geothermal heat rejection system to control interior thermal comfort levels
An automated lighting system (DALI) which senses and controls interior light levels
Functional landscape elements like permeable parking paving and an attenuation pond with a reed bed to filter stormwater before it is re-introduced to the municipal system

New Regional Office Building for Department of Health