Situated in Athlone, Cape Town, the aim of this project was to convert a derelict school dormitory into a facility which would enable the local community to access government services.
In order to give the existing building a degree of civic presence, a forecourt and a new public entrance was added. Two existing wings of the building were connected with an internal link, which created a sheltered courtyard space with an existing mature tree at its centre.
All additions to the building were constructed with the same facebrick as the original building, but with a different brick bond, in order to clearly differentiate between original and new.
These simple yet bold architectural gestures have created an easily identifiable and legible building that is uncomplicated for people to access and understand. This has resulted in a complex that is very well utilised, and as such has made a positive impact on the lives of people in the local community.

Spes Bona