Located in Claremont, Cape Town, the massing of this home is arranged in a way that responds to views of Table Mountain and maximises the use of the site by integrating indoor and outdoor spaces.
Working with a limited budget, standard materials were used to develop an architecture of wall and carefully proportioned openings. This play between solid and void accentuates the experience of space and volume.
The internal and outdoor living areas are conceptualised as one double-volume space. This continuation of the indoor space to the “outdoor room” and pool deck allows the space to feel larger than it actually is. A two-story high glazed facade serves as a line of enclosure between these two spaces.
The central double volume houses a bridge on the first floor. This bridge permits clear views to Table Mountain and expresses and celebrates circulation within the volume.
The spatial arrangement promotes interaction within the home. This is further promoted by openings between living spaces which means living areas are always connected to each other, and no space exists in isolation from the rest of the home.

ERF 51882 Claremont