This was a refurbishment of an existing house. The original building was designed with an extremely wide footprint and the relationship between public and private was undefined, This resulted in spaces which were anonymous, under utilized but also not sufficiently lit. Circulation through the various spaces was unstructured and there was no relationship between inside and outside. The new design proposed to address all of the above issues.

A central courtyard was inserted to enhance the inside/outside relationship, provide spatial structure and clarity and to improve the lighting of spaces. There is a clear distinction between the public and private spaces with one wing housing the bedrooms and the other the living spaces, kitchen area and the indoor pool area.

Flexibility is achieved between the various living/public spaces through the use of movable walls. A simple architecture of wall is proposed , with special attention being given to the making and scale of openings. The use of timber screens and shutters adds detail, filters the light and is used to screen the private spaces.

No. 42